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In the year you emigrated from the Netherlands or you have immigrated to the Netherlands the only way to do your tax-Form in Holland is using an M-biljet (Migration-form). Completing an M-form is difficult. However, we are very experienced with taking care of M-forms and often produces a (substantial) tax refund. It doesn’t matter where you live now, we can arrange everything on distance by e-mail, we don’t even need the paper form.

When do you have to do a M-form?

If you lived a part of a calender year in the Netherlands and partly in another country, you can report only using the M-form. You will receive the M-form in the year after the emigration / immigration from the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Even if you have not received M-biljet, we can arrange the return for you.

No electronic declaration

The tax return with the M-form can only be sent to the Tax Authorities by post. There is no possibility to send the Tax return digitally.

We have reporting software we can calculate the result directly. We search out for all possible choices within the M-form for you. This ensures a maximum refund after completing the M-form.

Because the M-form is complex and certain choices can take care of far-reaching consequences, we always advise you to look for professional help when u have to do an M-Form. Please contact us for more information


Miss D. Topalova from Bulgaria, M-form Breda:

“Thank you for the service, very fast and accurate.”


Mr. B, F., M-form Tilburg:

“Thanks for the help with the M-form, I am pleased with the unexpected amount of what I got back.”


Mr. van Riel, M-form Eindhoven:

“I tried to fill in an M-form, but I could not figure it out. Belastingkenner sent me a list and I only had to send, and they did the rest for me and I got a nice amount back too!


Mr. Maser from the United States, M-form Den Bosch

“Everything in English is no problem for the people of Kenner Tax! Great help with the M-form, thanks a lot! ”


Mrs De Haan, M-form Roosendaal:

“Low-priced, accurate, fast and knowledgeable”


Mr. van der Borre, M-form Tilburg, living in Belgium:

“I did not think it would, just because I’m going to live. 15km further in Poppel in Belgium to such a high refund ‘


Ms. El Amrani, M-biljet Eindhoven:

“Great and fast help with my M-form, Belastingkenner thanks!”


Mrs. van Groesen, M-form Breda:

“I thought the M-form themselves some time to complete, but fortunately I still sought professional help and found in Kenner Tax.”


Mr van Kampen, M-form Bergen op Zoom:

“I am pleased with the expertise of Belastingkenner (Tax specialist) about the M-form and my bank account soon too, haha.”



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